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The pH was measured using pH meter in the suspension liquid after sample centrifugation, with a 1:5 ratio of sample to deionized water. The moisture was measured using a gravimetric approach by drying samples between 103°C–105°C for 48h after sampling. For the detection of organic acid, such as lactic acid, acetic acid, butyric acid, and caproic acid, as well as glucose and ethanol content, 5g of sample was vortex mixed with 25mL of deionized water, centrifuged and filtered through a 0.22μm MCE filter, and the metabolite contents were quantified using HPLC (Agilent 1260,USA). The operating condition of HPLC was as follows: Hi-Plex H HPLC column (300×6.5mm), refractive index detector (RID detector), 5mM HSO as mobile phase with the velocity of 0.6mL/min, and column temperature was 55°C. For the detection of esters, such as ethyl acetate, ethyl caproate, and ethyl lactate, 5g of sample was vortex mixed with 25mL of ethanol, centrifuged and filtered through a 0.22μm filter, and esters contents were determined with GC (Agilent 7890A,USA). The operating condition of GC was as following: Agilent DB-WAX column (30m×530μm×1μm), fame ionization detector (FID detector), 40mL/min of H flow rate, 300mL/min of air flow rate, and N as the carrier gas with the velocity of 15mL/min.

The genomic DNA was extracted from a total of 21 samples taken from seven fermentation stages using Soil DNA Kit (Omega Bio-tek, Inc.) following the manufacturer’s protocol. The DNA quality and quantity were determined by NanoDrop 2000 (Thermo, USA). For prokaryotes, the V4 hypervariable region of the 16S rRNA genes was amplified using universal primer 515F and 909R [ BP Shayne Bootie Women wE6bSk05
]. For eukaryotes, the ITS2 region of fungal rRNA gene was amplified using universal primer ITS4 and ITS7 [ Massimo MatteoLaser Bal Cap dVOep6YTK
]. Primer 515F and ITS4 were added with barcodes. PCR conditions were described in detail previously [ Sofft Selby Chelsea Boot Womens 6C83un9zf
]. The amplified PCR products were analyzed through a 1%(wt/vol) agarose gel and purified using a PCR purification kit (GE0101–50, TSINGKE). The concentrations of PCR purified products were assessed by NanoDrop 2000 (Thermo, USA). Subsequently, purified amplicons of all samples were equally pooled for constructing a PCR amplicon library, according to the protocols of the Illumina TruSeq. DNA sample preparation LT kit (San Diego, CA, USA), and then subjected to sequencing using the Illumina MiSeq platform at the Environmental Genomic Platform of the Chengdu Institute of Biology, CAS.

Sequencing data analysis was performed by QIIME Pipeline Version 1.7.0 [ 21 ]. The raw sequences were sorted with their unique barcodes. Sequences with low quality, read length below 200bp as well as average base quality score less than 30, were filtered out. Chimera sequences were removed utilizing Uchime algorithm [ 22 ].

Sequences were clustered into operational taxonomic units (OTUs) at a 97% identity threshold. Each sample was rarefied to the same number of reads (10,568 reads for 16S rRNA gene and 4937 reads for ITS gene, respectively) for both alpha-diversity (chao1 estimator of richness, observed species and Shannon’s index) and beta-diversity (PCoA, UniFrac) analyses. Taxonomy was assigned using the Ribosomal Database Project classifier ( ).

Baseline Characteristics

The baseline characteristics of the study population are shown in Table 1 Franco Sarto Ocean KYqtO
. The 2 groups were well balanced with respect to most characteristics, including peak V̇ o , New York Heart Association functional class, and left ventricular ejection fraction. There were no differences in type and doses of medications, blood chemistry, and previous cardiac events.

Adverse Events During Exercise Training

No significant cardiovascular events occurred during the training sessions. Ten patients had sporadic supraventricular and ventricular premature contractions during exercise and recovery. No patient had angina during the training sessions. Compliance with exercise training, defined as percentage of sessions attended, averaged 89% (range, 72% to 100%).

At baseline, no significant differences in hemodynamic and metabolic parameters were observed in the 2 groups (Table 2 ). Eleven patients (5 in group T, 6 in group NT) with ischemic heart disease had a positive exercise test. After 2 months, all 5 patients with a positive exercise test at baseline had an increase in the ischemic threshold (18±5%), and 2 had a normal exercise test at the end of the protocol. No changes in the ischemic threshold were observed in control patients. In particular, 3 patients developed low-threshold angina during the final exercise test, and 3 patients with a normal exercise test at baseline had a positive exercise test during follow-up. Oxygen uptake, oxygen pulse, and ventilation were all significantly increased at peak exercise in trained patients compared with controls ( P <0.001 versus nontrained for all). However, there were no additional changes at the end of the maintenance program. The ventilatory threshold was also increased from baseline in the trained group (30%; P <0.001 versus nontrained), whereas the respiratory exchange ratio was similar in both groups in all tests. Resting heart rate was lower in trained patients after 2 months and remained significantly lower at the end of the training protocol ( P <0.01 versus nontrained).

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Table 2.

Metabolic and Hemodynamic Results at Baseline and During Follow-Up

No significant changes in left ventricular diameter were observed after 2 or 14 months in either group. Fractional shortening and ejection fraction were also unchanged (Table 3 ).

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Table 3.

Echocardiographic Results at Baseline and During Follow-Up

At baseline, there was no difference in thallium activity on stress images or after redistribution-reinjection between the 2 groups (Table 4 SperryFlex Deck CVO Canvas 2zdQoW6X
). After 2 months, the percentage of both myocardial defects with improved thallium activity and reversible defects with higher thallium uptake was significantly higher in trained than in control patients (23% and 21%, respectively; P <0.001 trained versus control for both). Furthermore, 75% of trained and only 2% of untrained patients with ischemic heart disease had a greater thallium uptake (95% CI for difference, 0.44 to 0.89; P <0.001).

When you initialize or join a swarm, Docker creates the docker_gwbridge network and uses it for communication among swarm nodes on different hosts.

When none of a container’s networks can provide external connectivity, Docker connects the container to the docker_gwbridge network in addition to the container’s other networks, so that the container can connect to external networks or other swarm nodes.

You can create the docker_gwbridge network ahead of time if you need a custom configuration, but otherwise Docker creates it on demand. The following example creates the docker_gwbridge network with some custom options.

The docker_gwbridge network is always present when you use overlay networks.

You can create an overlay network on a manager node running in swarm mode without an external key-value store. The swarm makes the overlay network available only to nodes in the swarm that require it for a service. When you create a service that uses the overlay network, the manager node automatically extends the overlay network to nodes that run service tasks.

To learn more about running Docker Engine in swarm mode, refer to the Clarks Claeson Tilly Rf9SoEnMoD

The example below shows how to create a network and use it for a service from a manager node in the swarm:

Only swarm services can connect to overlay networks, not standalone containers. For more information about swarms, see Docker swarm mode overlay network security model and Attach services to an overlay network .

If you are not using Docker Engine in swarm mode, the overlay network requires a valid key-value store service. Supported key-value stores include Consul, Etcd, and ZooKeeper (Distributed store). Before creating a network in this way, you must install and configure your chosen key-value store service. The Docker hosts that you intend to network and the service must be able to communicate.

Note : Docker Engine running in swarm mode is not compatible with networking with an external key-value store.

This way of using overlay networks is not recommended for most Docker users. It can be used with standalone swarms and may be useful to system developers building solutions on top of Docker. It may be deprecated in the future. If you think you may need to use overlay networks in this way, see this guide .

If your needs are not addressed by any of the above network mechanisms, you can write your own network driver plugin, using Docker’s plugin infrastructure. The plugin will run as a separate process on the host which runs the Docker daemon. Using network plugins is an advanced topic.

Network plugins follow the same restrictions and installation rules as other plugins. All plugins use the plugin API, and have a lifecycle that encompasses installation, starting, stopping, and activation.

Move your pages as you work: Lock down pages until ready:

Drafts and privacy

Drafts don't have an actual location and don't show up in searches, so they start off invisible to anyone except the person who created them. If that person then shares the draft URL or invites others to edit that draft with them, those people will also be able to see and edit the draft.

If you decide that you're not going to do anything further with it, delete your draft so that it doesn't clutter up your Recently worked on list.To do this, hit thewhile editing, and choose Delete unpublished page .Deleting a draft is permanent and can't be undone.

Delete unpublished page

Naming content in Confluence

To help your users find what they're looking for, give your pages, blogs, and attachments relevant, easy to search for names. Here are a few other things you should also keep in mind:

Unnamed drafts get called . Make sure you give pages a working name so you can tell your drafts apart.

As you edit, you can choose> Preview for a peek at what your finished page will look like.


Publishing in Confluence is like savingadocument in your word processor.Unlike a word processor, though, Confluence creates a new version of your work each time you edit and publish. This means that you cango back and see your page history, and, if necessary, revert back to a previous version of your work.

Publishingclosesthe editor andtakesyou back to viewing the page. Once a page is published,you can find it in the page tree,underthe parent page from which it was created.Ifyou publisha blog post, it will live in the blog, which is organized chronologically.It's easy to move and reorganizepages ,so you don't have to worry if you've published to the wrong place.

Each time you publish a page, add a comment about what you changed so it's easier to keep track of how a document is progressing . Change comments can be found in the page history .

Screenshot: the change comments box is located next to the Notify watchers option.

Notify watchers

Tonotifypeople watching the page , from theellipsismenu, select Notify watchers . Any change comments you added are included in the notification email.The Notify watchers checkbox remembers your last selection for each page, so if you choose not to notify people, the checkbox will be deselected for you next time you edit that page.

If you want toedit a published page, you can hit edit , or just type E to open the editor. As with a draft, autosave will retain these changes, and you can get back to them by editing the page again.

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